Urban Heights

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Romance and attraction ( sexuality through the lens part 4 of 7)

In very general terms most likely a lot of people are looking for some sort of romantic relationship. Well, of course, there is some exception. Something that I had never realized that these ‘exceptions’ would involve A-romantic people. I have no idea how to explain but it just didn’t cross my mind before. Is it just…


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Pay gaps

It has been a surprising announcement last week.   Of course, we mean the Tv stations announcing the salaries. We knew that in general terms it has pay gaps have been a problem for a good while. But last week’s release of the salaries has made it look even worse. ( At least in our eyes)….


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Trends _ are they still needed?

Well,  I’m sure there will be different opinions out there. At the moment I feel that one side of it that in one way or another creating trend is imbedded into a lot of companies DNA. They have been doing that for years. They have lots of people that they are hiring and that they…


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Suprises from Colette

So it seems this year will be fairly full of surprises.   As you might have heard, earlier today Colette has announced they will close the shop on 20th of December. It seems surprising as many well-experienced people in fashion have called them Paris’ coolest shop.  The announcement has come 20 years after they have opened their doors….