City sunsets


Urban greys

Photography and styling by @maverick_image Model:  @arbuzovada  

Garden love

Photography and styling: @maverick_image Model: Romy Coltro    

First one

This morning Edward Enninful has made his first appointment. He has chosen Venetia Scott to step in place of Lucinda Chambers who will depart British Vogue later this month. Scott has started her career at British Vogue while Grace Coddington has been Fashion Director. Later Scott has moved to work for such magazines as i-D, Nova and…

Mysticism of Love ( sexuality through photography PART 2 of 7)

Photography and styling by @maverick_image Model: As indicated under each picture.   Has love anything to do with sexuality? It sounds romantic to discover sexuality with someone that you are emotionally attracted to. Of course, physically it’s not necessary and as some people proved there’s no need to combine the two. But, for some reason, I…

Why fashion?

Well. At the beginning, I got into out of curiosity. Curiosity for what I can do with it. Curiosity for something new. And curiosity for billion other things. As I kept discovering it I kept falling in love with it more and more ( at some points I feel that keep on falling in love…

Mess, mess and more mess

General Election. In a case of this year’s event, it might be described as surprising, to say the least. It was meant to create more stability. But government’s hunger for power has lead to something opposite. Is it complete mess, well hopefully not for the Tory voters. But for a lot of other people, it might…

Urban life

Photography and styling: @maverick_image Model: @priyankapatelx  

Nothing to do

Can have nothing to do be positive? Well, I think it might be.  I feel like that because I don’t think there’s no such thing as having nothing to do. Sometimes after a big project, I somehow feel beyond exhausted emotionally.  That might be because, as especially during the shoots there’s  a lot of think about…

Discovering sexuality through photography ( Part 1 of 7)

Please note that this piece is packed with opinions For a while I have been discovering how I can sexuality through the art I love expressing myself through.   At the moment I feel that we are being surrounded by oversexualized ads, music videos. etc. Obviously, there are exceptions. But my problem is that a lot of…