Inner strenght

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Wonder around

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Foggy Future

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Going forward

As the weekend has concluded and the newest allegations about sexual harassment are still fresh on most of our minds, at least to me it might be a good idea to start thinking how it might be possible to decrease the chance of such things going forward.   Something that has emerged after the mentioned allegations…

Response to the harrasment

As most of us will know by now New York Time has published a new set of allegations regarding the sexual harassment. The post in questions has been published on Saturday 13th of Janurary ( 2018) and it featured testimonies stating Mario Testino and Bruce Weber has sexually harassed multiple people holding different positions for several decades. As…

At last.

As some of you might be aware yesterday ( Saturday 13th January 2018) New York Times has released the newest set of allegations regarding sexual harassment. This time they relate to Mario Testino and Bruce Weber.