Shot and styled by Maverick (@maverick_image) Model Seren Wang (@secretvineyard)

Facebook’s Joke

It’s has been widely known that community guidelines on such platforms as Facebook prohibit showing off female nipples while being completely fine with male nipples showing off. Due to not wanting to be sued, I will not name specific pages but if you will do your research right it won’t be hard to find examples…

Mysterious Flamboyance

Shot and styled by Maverick ( @maverick_image) Model: Sarah Catterall ( @artsarahcatterall )    

From myths to trends (part 1)

“Those on Whom Legends Are Built Are Their Legends” ― Lisa Chaney, Coco Chanel: An Intimate Life There are many myths relating to fashion. There are the artists that make-up the industry. But there are also the ancient myths that have used in several instances throughout the years. This is an extensive topic and I feel it is…


Shot and styled by @maverick_image Model: @lighty_teetee