From myths to trends (part 1)

“Those on Whom Legends Are Built Are Their Legends” ― Lisa Chaney, Coco Chanel: An Intimate Life There are many myths relating to fashion. There are the artists that make-up the industry. But there are also the ancient myths that have used in several instances throughout the years. This is an extensive topic and I feel it is…


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” Loneliness – Sadness because one has no friends or company.” It’s absolute poison. I have been going through that consistently for a fair amount of time in the past and still, now I’m dealing with. A big part of my struggle with loneliness is my lack of self-confidence. It’s mainly about standing up for my ideas…

Nude Move

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News has been confirmed yesterday by The New York Times that Harvey Weinstein will surround to the police to be arrested because of the rape allegations. “Mr. Weinstein has agreed to surrender himself at a police precinct on Friday morning and will be arrested on a criminal complaint, law enforcement officials said. He is then expected…

Wounded Body (part 2)

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Wounded Body (part 1)

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Star Gaze

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