Me and Greek Mythology ( Part 1 of 7)

I have been drawn to Greek mythology for a good while now. I feel that there are shit lots of things today are at least in some minor way inspired by Greek mythology. In my personal opinion thing that is almost copied (in my opinion) from a Pelasgian Creation Myth is Biblical creation story. I don’t want to hurt anyone’s religious feelings, but if I wouldn’t know that the Greek myths came first, I would say they were close to plagiarizing bible. And since in at least British parliament (in a house of lords, to be specific) there are 26 seats reserved for bishops of the church of England, I would say that at least in that way Greek mythology is influencing current politics. I also believe that no one can detach themselves from politics (perhaps unless they live permanently in a cave without any connection to the rest of humanity) so in sense of the Greek myths, at least in my opinion, go even further. Well, let us move away from the politics at least for now.

By: @maverick_image . Model: @barnes_gurl . Based on Asteria.

One more reason why I feel that I have been drawn to it is because I like the space to interpret the stories in the way that makes the most sense to me. Due to that and a big number of stories (and in some cases different variations of myths), I feel like there are absolutely no excuse to run out of inspiration for creating contemporary art based on Greek mythology and ease of interpreting things in the way that make the most sense to me. If an artist would want to keep creating personal work inspired by the myths then it definitely can keep him/her busy for a lot of time. I feel like the only downside of that would be the work of that person becoming monothematic. At the moment I feel like it might be a good idea to pick 6 goddesses and make each of the shoots inspired by them. At the moment I have picked Asteria, Artemis, Astraea, Athene, Dione, and Eos. ( having picked 4 out of 6 goddesses who’s names start with letter A is coincidental [ I haven’t picked them randomly, but since I’m not writing or re-writing the myths I have no power over how their names are spelled]).

One more ( and for now last) that kept me interested in the myths is, that in my opinion all of the gods and goddesses show a lot of human qualities. I think that thanks to that I managed to connect with them at least some partial way. I did put it like that because I do realize that in no way I’m god and I never will be. But I prefer it that way, simply because it’s simpler that way. At least for me. Am I getting off the point? Well, maybe slightly I do. I hope I will manage to show/explore/explain/etc. that more in the upcoming pieces.
By : @maverick_image. Model: @sassmia . Based on Eos.

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  1. Amazing work. Loved it totally. 🙂


    1. Thank you so much. Did you see the second part?

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      1. Will check it out soon. 🙂


      2. Great ! If you will have any feedback, then I will be happy to hear it. Thank you for checking out our work. 🙏😊

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