Astrea ( greek mythology and me part 2 of 7)

(Please note there are parts of this article made out of some opinions you might disagree with).




Astraea was the goddess of innocence, daughter of the Titans Astraeus, god of dusk, and Eos, goddess of dawn. Her name meant “star-maiden” and she was on the earth alongside humans during the Golden Age of Man. During the golden age, she was one of the last immortals that have joined humans to live on earth. She left the planet at the beginning of Iron Age, as some sources because mortals became wicked, but some other sources say that she least some point of bronze age. Astrea she left earth she joined stars, she turned into Virgo constellation (the fact that my zodiac symbol is Virgo is coincidental). Due to her being the goddess of innocence it shouldn’t be any surprise to anyone, at least in my opinion.




As I have discussed above it shouldn’t be surprising that she left because of a combination of what has been taking place and Astrea being a goddess of innocence. But in my opinion, there might be something more. As we might already know she was last immortal that have moved to live on earth. In my opinion, she might have been in position what was going to happen that’s why she was last one to come over. Maybe somewhere ‘behind the scenes’, she was forced to do that and she waited until the last moment to move to earth, to spend smallest with mortals. I do realize might see this theory as limited in many ways. But in my head, it makes sense.




Per some sources, she was meant to return and reinstate the golden age of man. is is one reason why I have become an atheist. To me, this reminds me of a promise of Jesus’ second coming. As I have grown older and start seeing and researching more and more things, I have realized that at least Christianity is a collage of countless other things. Other reason why I only believe in a power of science and a human brain, is because when there is a new theory in science people check it, test it, and if it is proven to be correct they accept it and when it’s proven wrong then it fades away. And when someone wants to test or prove that god does not exist I feel like there is of ended people. But since I believe that people should have freedom to do what they want if they don’t hurt other people, due to that I believe that religious people should retain their right to believe what they want, even if in my opinion they are wrong.



I personally got really excited about doing a project about such thing as Greek Mythology, due to creative freedom ( if I’m repeating myself then I’m sorry) and freedom to approach things in almost any way.

What I think sparked my interest in Astrea was that through her decision to leave earth due to bad things occurring all over the place. I feel though that she has shown a human side to her personality. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m under impression that a lot of people need to get themselves away from things that might strain them in any way for a long time. In my opinion that might have been one of many reasons why she has left earth. Maybe due to the fact she is the goddess of innocence she didn’t want to see people being ugly to each other.



What do you think?




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