Artemis (Greek mythology and me part 4 of 7)

Shot and styled by: @maverick_image , Model, make-up, and hair: Stella Udeh


“Artemis was the goddess of chastity, virginity, the hunt, the moon, and the
natural environment. She was the daughter of Zeus and Leto, twin sister of Apollo. She was born on the island of Ortygia (Delos), where Leto had found shelter after being hunted by the lawful wife of Zeus, Hera.” In my opinion, she was really con dent, bad ass, she knew what she wanted to do as we can read in “ Artemis’s nature and deeds” when she was asked by her father Zeus she was fairly specific as she asked for: “
‘Pray give me eternal virginity; as many names as my brother Apollo; a bow and arrows like his; the office of bringing light; a saffron hunting tunic with a red hem reaching to my knees; sixty young ocean nymphs, all of the same age, as my maids of honor; twenty river nymphs from Amnisus in Crete, to take care of my buskins and feed my hounds when I am not out shooting; all of the mountains in the world in the world; and lastly, any city you care to choose for me, but one will be enough because I intend to live on mountains most of the time.” I do understand she was a goddess. But at

the time of making quoted request, she was meant to be 3 years old. I feel like it was meant to be a sophisticated way of showing how gods and goddesses were meant to be superior to human beings.



As to me, the quote suggests that she probably had some understanding of sex which I feel (at least in human terms) is slightly too soon. The rest of the of the quoted request ( at least to me ) shows that she had specific plans for her life. Through the combination of the mentioned things, this was meant to portray her as more superior to humans without showing that there’s anything supernatural about her ( well maybe at least in physical terms as she seems [at least to me] to be much more psychologically developed than human children).


Also at the same, I feel like there’s indication that she might be stronger and smarter than some other goddesses, in this case, specifically Hera. As Zeus told her: “With children like you, I need not fear Hera’s jealous anger”. In the quote, he probably referred to Hera’s anger caused by his affairs (a result of one was Artemis and Apollo’s birth). Furthermore, if my opinions are correct he must have been an insanely good father as what he said to me indicate that his children including Artemis would be up for physically defending. One more thing that I get from this quote is that she had massive respect for him despite many of his flaws. But at the same time, it’s not a secret that he was getting a massive amount of respect from most of other gods and a lot of them have been addressing him ‘father’ even the ones that weren’t his children.



Although there are a lot of stories which proof that she was good, pure, etc. She was not
perfect. One thing that made her not so perfect was her enormous jealousy for the mountains and forests. Per some stories she did prefer them much more than cities (maybe that’s why she has asked her father just for one city). As some stories show, she really didn’t mind cause deaths to get as much as privacy as she desired. Here’s an example: “ There was once a young man named Actaeon, who was a great hunter, and who has wandered through the forests alone with his dogs. One day he came upon the goddess Artemis, playing with her maidens upon the banks of a stream. Instead of going away at once, as he should have done, he stood quite still and watched them. is made Artemis so angry that she changed him into a deer, and his own dogs then turned upon him, and tore him to pieces.”


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