Dione ( Greek mythology and me, part 5 of 7)

She “was a Titan goddess in Greek mythology, most probably a daughter
of Oceanus and Tethys and thus, an Oceanid. According to some sources, she was
the first wife of Zeus, with whom she had a daughter, the goddess Aphrodite.
In Greek religion and mythology, the earth goddess. In some legends she is the
daughter of Oceanus and Tethys; in others, she is a Titaness, born to Uranus and
Gaea. In yet another version she is the mother of Aphrodite. Her name is the
feminine form of Zeus.”_DSC8052
To me, she stands for beginning and nurturing life. In terms of beginnings, yes I have been influenced a lot by different possibilities of the ways she could come into existence. But the main thing that got me to these conclusions was the fact that she is earth goddess. I think I thought that because all life that we know that exist, exist on our planet (unless there was some unbelievable space discovery that I’m not aware of). And most importantly (at least for the point I’m making) it starts on earth. Further-

more, it allows us to sustain our life. How some try to impose their power and what we can do or not, is a topic for a different body of work (in my opinion). But the things we can in one way or another have access to things that
nurture all form of lives and let us survive.



The fact she is earth goddess has been really influential for us while doing this project. We wanted to show her as a personification of earth, which as we know has been nurturing life for millions of years.


Through including her into some of the jelly fish and trying to make her look like she belongs in the sky, we wanted to show that every part is





Shot and styled by @maverick_image.

Model: @iggybeary


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