Asteria ( Greek Mythology and me Part 6 of 7)


“(Greek: Ἀστερία) is the Titaness goddess of oracles, prophetic dreams,
astrology and necromancy. She was the daughter of Koios and Phoebe and the sister of Leto. Asteria threw herself into the Aegean Sea in the form of a quail in order to escape the advances of Zeus.” She also said to be named a goddess of shooting stars. After Zeus became the main god and started to show affection, so Asteria transformed herself into quail and escaped mount Olympus and jumped into the sea. There ara stories that suggest after that she was transformed again, into a drifting island called Ortygia. I feel like a lot of people would want to know at least some of their future. Or maybe it’s me and my need of having a plan for as much as I can. Is it a good thing? I don’t know. But I feel sometimes it might be interesting to just adapt to what chance or life or whatever might throw at us.

_DSC6801In the story of Asteria, the bit where ew away from Mount Olympus in form of a quill I have imagined that would look like somehow like an asteroid landing in the sea. I probably imagined it like that probably due to Asteria being a goddess of shooting stars (among being goddess other things). Additionally to that, to make me imagine her flying away from her original place of residence was her possible transformation into an island. The land of the island combined with her falling from mount Olympus makes me think about things like asteroids flying across the sky. which also shooting stars are usually made out of. What I like about her. The fact that she decided to flee possibly comfy place to live in, instead of accepting Zeus’ affection is pretty bad ass.( at least in my opinion). I feel like through this she wanted to retain her independence. And that she is confident in her own abilities.


Within the shot, we wanted to concentrate on her being the goddess of prophetic dreams, astrology, etc. We all have felt in order to be able to tell the future you might need to move into some other universe. Of course, I mean psychologically. That’s why we have decided to create some stary pictures.


One more thing that has influenced us to create the pictures the way we did, was due to her being a goddess shooting stars. Instead of projecting the pictures of actual shooting stars, it felt right to do it the way we did it. As for the more close-up shoot, the idea was to create more texture.  Through having detail shots of all the bends and curves of the textiles we wanted to reflect the complexity of the space.



Shot and styled by: @maverick_image Model:


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