Different worlds

_DSC0046Am I the only one who sometimes can just get too excited to explore different worlds?

I don’t mean just traveling around the world. For me ( at least at the moment) discovering literary worlds is much more exciting. The things I read are divided 50/50 between fiction and non-fiction. I think to some extent that might limit gaining new experiences.


I will never be against traveling, experiencing new cultures, etc. But I never felt too comfy following rules. I think this might be the reason why I like to dive into e.g. books. I feel that even in the case of non-fiction there is some space to visualize things the way I want. And when it comes to fiction in most cases, of course, the imagination can run wild almost endlessly. At least in my opinion. It allows me to forget about real life problems.


Of course, when it comes to the following I don’t break rules and when needed I listen to people that are more experienced at doing different things. Am I strange?





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