Sweet changes

For a good while brands within fashion industry have been retouching pictures they use. There are cases that included changing the pictures almost beyond recognization. The problem is that a lot of picture retouching, on fair few occasions includes heavy skin retouching. It probably should be easy to understand that, this will create unrealistic expectations or/and assumptions about a body should look.


Well. There are some changes taking place. In France, a law comes into effect that will require magazines to label the pictures that have been photoshopped. The law has been passed back in 2015 but now is coming into effect.


On 1st of October second part of this law will come into effect. Due to this part, anyone caught not following this rule will face up to 37,500 Euros fine. It’s good that such changes are taking place. But I feel that this is slightly late. As in my opinion country such as France should be on the forefront of such changes. But this sort of law being passed isn’t first.

Something similar has been implemented in Israel. But over there, it extends to advertising and covers content produced overseas.

In my personal opinion, it’s just about the time that such thing comes into effect. As the brands haven’t been enough controlled enough when it comes to how a body is portrayed.

What do you think?


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