Another departure

It has been announced today that Lucinda Chambers will be leaving Vogue.


The news comes after earlier this year Alexandra Shulman has announced she will be leaving Vouge as well.  As for right now, new Fashion Director has NOT been announced.


Lucinda Chambers has worked at Vogue for 38 years. In that time she has been responsible for creating countless breathtaking covers at British Vogue.  As well as creating many other incredible shots.

Since she has joined fashion world she has been an assistant to Grace Coddington, developed a professional friendship with Mario Testino and got to do many other amazing things.


It is obvious that multiple serious changes are taking place at British Vogue. For me, it has been fascinating and inspiring to pay attention to the magazine in its current form. But with Edwar Enninful appointment as new Editor-in-chief it makes it exciting for me, to see what will happen with British Vogue.

As much as whatever will happen with the magazine, will be strongly coherent with Enninful’s ( and whoever will become new fashion director will be) vision for the magazine,  at the moment it feels unlogical they will do something beyond belief. But at the same time, I have not expected Alexandra Shulman to leave Vogue so soon.

Whatever will happen it feel it will be amazing to see what happen to the magazine next.


What do you think?


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