Discovering sexuality through photography ( Part 1 of 7)

Please note that this piece is packed with opinions

For a while I have been discovering how I can sexuality through the art I love expressing myself through.


At the moment I feel that we are being surrounded by oversexualized ads, music videos. etc. Obviously, there are exceptions. But my problem is that a lot of the oversexualized things are done so, in my personal opinion, distastefully.


Things that get to most people, in my opinion, objectify women and make them look like their main purpose is to be a sex toy for men. For example, when I have heard that Wonder woman was made ” an ambassador for empowering girls and women” by U.N. I wasn’t too happy. I feel that talking about her is slightly tricky. I feel that her actions are good for empowering women. But we are living in the age where we are strongly influenced by images. And in my opinion, it’s not a secret, that the way she looks is sexualized.

Happily, in shortly after U.N. chosen given her mentioned position, she has been “fired”. It has been caused by multiple people’s anger caused by her appointment and petition signed by 44,000.

I feel that U.N. could have chosen some other person/character for this role. I think if they did that, they would have made much better impact on gender equality and making it less ok to oversexualized women. I think if DC would have made her look less sexualised and kept the way she acts, they would make a good step toward making over sexualisation of women.

Additionally, when UN secretary general was being selected, there have been several female candidates. I  point that because together with the mess caused Wonder Woman, I think there is a fair amount of things more.

Personally, I think if they would have put more thought into things like I have mentioned, they would make themselves look better and I think it makes oversexualized pop culture less acceptable.

What makes me sad and frustrated that U.N. isn’t the only organization that made fuck ups when it comes to things like sexuality.

Of course, there are fair few people that are making difference. But in my opinion, unfortunately, they don’t have as much as reach as all the bigger organization. It is sad to me, but I think it’s important for the amount that makes positive difference to keep rising.

As I have said at the begingin I have been interested in discovering and showing sexuality for a while. But I only now I’m starting to feel that I’m slowly becoming ready to actually do that.

Yes, I have been into thinking about that for a while. The reason why I haven’t jumped into capturing images that would reflect sexuality in any way because I wanted to do enough research into what happens within our society and how sexuality is being portrayed in art. Without sufficient research, in my opinion, the work would be fairly shallow. Yes, sexuality can’t be detached from human nature. But I feel that by separating ourselves from other people’s opinions, work, etc. can’t be good for anything. And sometimes we need to look at those things to see how right or wrong our own opinions might be. Also without looking at what’s happening around us might be/ is happening we might be detached reality. And what we do might be like that as well. In case of creating

In the case of creating art based on sexuality looking around at what’s happening around, as I believe sexuality is one of the most precious things we have. Maybe additionally to ability to being alive and ability to give life. And it might be easy to see that all of them connect.

I feel that this topic is a broad one, therefore at the moment, I’m planning to do 6 shots each with a different theme. Some of them including Innocence and Romance. The rest themes will be released at the same time the shots will be.

If you have any question and/or feedback then don’t hesitate to drop us a message. You can use the comments section, contact format or following email:


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