Nothing to do

Can have nothing to do be positive?

Well, I think it might be.  I feel like that because I don’t think there’s no such thing as having nothing to do. Sometimes after a big project, I somehow feel beyond exhausted emotionally.  That might be because, as especially during the shoots there’s  a lot of think about some of that are usual things. ( like, if what I’m doing is relevant to the theme, am I keeping within time boundaries, etc. ) But something that I have noticed is that during the shoot ( in most cases) I’m much more confident, more talk, etc. I would never risk saying that I’m completely different. But the things I have mentioned are definitely noticeable.

After I’m done with most creative things I usually feel emotionally exhausted. In order to ‘recover’/ re-gain the strengths, I look at what’s new on art, around the world, music, etc. For some reason it allows me to feel emotionally rested. But at the same time, it gives some inspirations for some new work. The thing is that I don’t have a list of things that I want to base my work around. The inspirations come from the things that surround me. Of course, that happens when I’m not doing anything specific.

That’s why I believe that having ‘not having anything to do’ isn’t that bad. As long as we keep living.

What do you think?


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