Why fashion?

Well. At the beginning, I got into out of curiosity. Curiosity for what I can do with it. Curiosity for something new. And curiosity for billion other things.

As I kept discovering it I kept falling in love with it more and more ( at some points I feel that keep on falling in love with more and more). There are fair few things I love about it. Some of the nicest people I have ever met, I met them through being into fashion. Furthermore, I personally don’t like sitting in one place for  too long and as some of you might know there is no space for that in fashion,

But of course, that’s not all. I do understand there are other art forms to choose from that will probably be suitable for me to include in what I’m about to say. But I feel there’s the almost unlimited amount of ways to express yourself. Of course, there’s the whole business side of it. Well, maybe I just love expressing myself through it that I don’t mind the boring business side. Probably the big part of it is how my DNA is made up.

The unlimited ways of expressing one’s self, in my opinion, are influenced by several things. First thing is technology. At the same time, we can use digital medium, in this case, if we combine the hardware with software then some beyond amazing things might be achieved. But In my opinion, the thing that’s really lovely is that in all this digital chaos we still have the opportunity to shoot film and combine it with all the software available. I think when it comes to technology internet and social media should be talked about. Of course, both of these made it easier for many different creatives to connect. Additionally, they made it possible for places like WordPress to exist.


At the moment I have no other way to explain it. Does anyone feel like that? It would be amazing to hear your views. You can message us through our contact form as well as through our social media.


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