Mysticism of Love ( sexuality through photography PART 2 of 7)

Photography and styling by @maverick_image
Model: As indicated under each picture.


Has love anything to do with sexuality?

It sounds romantic to discover sexuality with someone that you are emotionally attracted to. Of course, physically it’s not necessary and as some people proved there’s no need to combine the two. But, for some reason, I have always felt it would be nice to go through different things with one special person. I don’t mean that we should stay with our first sweetheart for the rest of our times. Because as we grow we of course change and not in every case someone that we knew at 16 will be compatible with us 10 years later.

But can we make answer to above’s question simple? I don’t think so. That’s because we are all different. And each human being’s emotional side and the needs for such things as love and sexual satisfaction are beyond complex and different for every person.

After all, I think we can say that love and sexuality can be separated. It might be partially due to things I have discussed. But another thing might be where I stand within my opinions.

Model : @tabbyduenger

I know I have already addressed the main topic. But I still feel I haven’t talked about it enough. Well… I would love to keep sexuality and love together. I do realize that it might mean few things. For me, that means not having one night stands and someone I love. I would love to keep my sexuality and discovering it with someone I love.


Model : @tabbyduenger


Is true purpose of love to have someone to share our lives with someone? Or can there be something else attached to it? Can love’s purpose be about learning from each other and growing as humans together? Can it be a combination of these two things? Is there anything else attached to it?

To me, it feels that it would be too simple if love would be a combination of two or three things.

Yes, I do understand that biological explanation for love is a range of chemical reactions in our brains. But is that all or do the above things have something to do with it. The thing that makes me curious is that human brain and its processes are still being discovered. That’s why I’m really curious about it.

Model: @kinged.queen

I feel the more I think about it, more and more pictures seem to pop-up. But at the same time, to some extent, I feel that more answers will come as I will get more life experience. So maybe I should, at least for now, stop thinking about it and get out there and get on with getting more life experience? Let’s try to do that.

Model : @tabbyduenger


Model: @kinged.queen


Model: @kinged.queen



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