Innocence ( sexuality through the photography PART 3 of 7 )

Please note that most things presented in this piece are personal opinions.

” Innocence is a flower which should be left unculled as long as possible on its stalk and should be plucked only leaf by leaf.” – ‘Violette’ La Marquise de Mannoury d’Ectot


All pictures shot and styled by @maverick_image              Model: Morgan F


In my personal opinion, it’s one of the biggest jewels in out lives. The other one is the miracle of life itself. That’s why I think it should be protected. Of course, it might in one way or another die out as we live our lives. But I strongly believe that we should lose it slowly and thoughtfully. If it’s done like that to some extent, we will not lose our innocence completely.


The thing that makes me sad is the way in which pop culture is sexualized and how many people it reaches. I believe that it is possible to have something be full of sex/sexuality. But unlike what’s happening it can be positive. These things make me feel like sex is just meant to be had. As well as it’s mainly meant to be some sort of pleasure just for men. I think that regardless of anyone’s gender we should look at each other as a human being first, and what needs the other side might have.

I know that so far in the introduction of this series and in this part I have only talked about women. But that does not change, that I do feel that men have been portrayed as creatures which shouldn’t show emotion, be strong, make money, make sex and that’s it. Unfortunately, in this, the human being thing I have talked about is lost as well.  To me, it seems like at least some things that happen to women have also ‘masculine’ version. And some of the things I have mentioned above can be categorized as that.

Through the way, the pop culture is publicized it got a shit lot of people get involved with it and through that, it gets at least some of them interested in the things that might not be the best for the society. Happily, there’s an increasing number of people that work to change that.

The problem with how many people negatively sexualized pop culture is reaching really bothers me. It’s because ( in my opinion) sexuality really import  As I believe there are artists that are making great work, they make a lot of change. But due to pop culture reaching so many people, I feel there is fair few artist that create work that might change things,  are overshadowed by the pop culture.


I say that big number of things are over sexualised but I’m not anti-sexuality. I crazily believe that should be discovered in any healthy and respectful way we want to. Additionally, I strongly believe that sexuality should be expressed in any way that makes sense to the art creator. Unfortunately, I feel that as much as things might improve in one way or another the two things might not come so easy.


As for the pictures, I feel really comfortable discovering different ideas through visual work. It makes it easier for me in terms of the whole topic, as well as e.g. breaking topics into sections. But at the same time in today’s age, we are at a point where visual work isa major influence on what we believe and how we see things. Maybe it’s because I can’t imagine being any less into visual arts and how they get to me. That’s why I believe it has been really important for me to create visual work first and then use words to put it in some more specific context. I feel that I have included innocence as a theme within this project because I feel that as for man I always have been much emotionally softer and sensitive than what a lot of people have expected from me. Through these pictures,_DSC2185 I wanted to illustrate my ideas about the importance of keeping the innocence and the softness that sits within me. I think the first thing is fairly obvious. But when it comes to my own softness I felt it was important to implement it into this project as I believe that it’s beyond strongly attached to who I am and through that it will affect the way I see things. I think that being true to ourselves is beyond important. As unless someone is a psychopath, being true to ourselves as well as creating great things is how we can give most to our society.


I feel that all this is a massive and vast topic and it’s easy to get sidetracked. As there are a lot of things that in my opinion needs to addressed and either clarified or changed.


Ok, so I think this is a good place to finish since I’m not trying to create some sort of sociological report about the current state of affairs within sexual innocence and objectification of both sexes. Of course, if any of you want then you can contact Mollitious Journal and I will be more than happy to have a further discussion with any of you. Other than that I will talk to you all in the next piece.

We would love to hear what you think. You can contact us on our social media and/or through our contact form.



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