To me, it’s one of the most important things out there.

I don’t see what good could come out of doing something that does not feel natural to us. Yes, I know that sometimes we have to get a day job at least for a while. But in long term, I feel doing what we love it’s really important. To me, it seems that being ourselves brings a lot of happiness at least to ourselves. Well. I think that might be worst case scenario, as at least I feel better when I’m around happy and positive people. Most if not all positive people I have meet, have been doing anything they could to do what feels natural to them and makes them happy.

I feel that putting everyone into one ‘schedule basket’ isn’t too good for most. Even tho most companies are putting out really good or even great collections and get their individuality out into the world that way. A lot of the fashion houses that I have on my mind are doing at least alright and are growing. But having everyone to show at the same is slightly puzzling for me. Well, I might not be the only one that is not 100% happy with that. It seems that more fashion houses are starting mixing it up. It was really interesting to see several houses to show some of their ready-to-wear collection during the couture weeks. To me, it’s interesting because it’s not the first time it happened. But to me, it seems like it’s slowly taking off. It’s really exciting because there is a good chance this will influence other houses to find their own of walking away from the rules that were once set in stone.

I do understand that for some fashion houses will be fine with the things that have been taking place for a long time. But having some houses to get out of old framework might create some more fragmentation within the fashion industry. But I feel even tho this might create some sort of chaotic time/environment/etc. But every time something is going through big changes, people end up needing to adjust it. I do understand that as more companies will break away from the old schedule, there might be a bigger need for us to pay more attention to what’s happening for a while. But in a long time, it actually might be beneficial, as it has been confirmed that they do it because it feels more natural the company’s DNA. Through being more natural and authentic I think they will make it even more interesting to be involved in fashion. But I feel that it might influence people to be more true to themselves. I do understand that it’s not always easy to be ourselves. Happily, it seems to be improving.


What do you think?

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