Suprises from Colette

So it seems this year will be fairly full of surprises.


As you might have heard, earlier today Colette has announced they will close the shop on 20th of December. It seems surprising as many well-experienced people in fashion have called them Paris’ coolest shop.  The announcement has come 20 years after they have opened their doors. The announcement only addressed their physical store. So maybe they will continue operating at least through their website. They have said the store will keep operating as normal until the 20th of December.

It comes as a surprise because not only a lot of people not only seem really like it but also seem to be really attached to it. Right now it seems that retail might be going through deeper changes than at least we have expected. Unless Colette as a company is going through some sort of internal difficulties. As they have been ( and will still remain until December) really forward thinking retailer.

If they don’t have any major internal problems that might threaten their existence, then it definitely will be really cool to see what they might have lined up after their will close their physical store. As with their creative mind, they definitely have a good shot at transforming whatever they will decide to touch.



What do you think?




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