Trends _ are they still needed?

Well,  I’m sure there will be different opinions out there.

At the moment I feel that one side of it that in one way or another creating trend is imbedded into a lot of companies DNA. They have been doing that for years. They have lots of people that they are hiring and that they reach. Therefore it’s no wonder that whatever we think about trends, it might be hard and beyond complex to move away from this.

All the fashion houses creating trends influence many artists and ‘influencers’ even if they don’t directly use their clothes. Of course, that increase their reach. Their influence. And in some way inspiration within other people’s art/creations. In my opinion that can lead to some interesting things being created. ( Correct me if I’m wrong) But I feel that people are being more selective about what they pay attention to in terms of inspiration. In other words, the trends as a whole have less impact but without them, the things that are being picked as inspirational would not exist without these trends.

I think that ‘trend’ of mix&match approach has created a neverending string of possibilities.

Personally, I have been inspired by many collections, artists, etc. And in my personal opinion, some of these things wouldn’t be able to exist without at least some of the trends. But when it comes to consumers I think we should pick up the things that we like most and create our own things. I don’t think it would be possible to cut ourselves completely from what’s going on in the world. That’s simply because the only way ( in my opinion) to get ourselves we would have to lock ourselves in caves. I think even if we cut ourselves from the internet we will be influenced/inspired by what’s happening around.  As well as we need somewhere/someone to gain ideas from.

As well as we need somewhere/someone to gain ideas from. I think even if we would limit ourselves in terms of what we look at for inspiration then I think it can’t be too good. At least when I try to do that I almost always come to a stand still with coming up with ideas for my own style, creative ideas, etc.

One thing that might be seen as negative is how fast, fashion is changing. I do realize that this might cause some people to get into this and feel like they need to keep up with that. Well, I’m one of the people who thinks that the above thing is unnecessary. I personally believe that due to everything is changing it’s really important to know who we are. I think that because in my opinion through knowing ourselves we will be able to move around all the things with less chaos. I think through knowing ourselves we will be able to pick out things that are relevant to our personalities and thanks to that we might get away from being drowned in a number of things put in front of us.

To conclude, Are trends necessary? In my opinion, they help to drive things forward. Is their form good? I think that’s a topic for another post.


What do you think? Let us know in any way that you want.


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