Pay gaps

It has been a surprising announcement last week.


Of course, we mean the Tv stations announcing the salaries. We knew that in general terms it has pay gaps have been a problem for a good while. But last week’s release of the salaries has made it look even worse. ( At least in our eyes). The top female earner at BBC is shown to earn 1.75 Million GBP less than top male earner. Of course, their duties might be slightly different and it seems logical that everyone should be paid accordingly to what they do. But almost 2million gap is nowhere feeling appropriate. Unfortunately, it has been revealed last week, that BBC isn’t the only broadcasting company having issues with the pay gaps.


In my personal opinion, it was obvious that television, in general, has been behind the times in what they do. Unfortunately, the pay gaps have revealed that it has problems with treating human beings well.

It has been revealed that BBC’s top female stars have put together an open letter to BBC’s director general Tony Hall to sort it out. Of course, it is crucial for the people affected by the gaps to put pressure on the people responsible for it to sort it out. But in my personal opinion additionally to that there should be at least some pressure from the people that consume BBC’s releases. As it feels if they will be surrounded with pressure from every direction, then that might increase chances for a change.  I know I have mainly mentioned BBC but as we know it wasn’t only them to have problems with the pay gaps and I think there is no excuse for gender inequality. Whoever you are. Therefore all corporations and people contributing toward gender inequality should be forced to change their ways.


What are your opinions?


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