Ready, set, go

So the first fashion week is kicking off today in New York.

There have been several surprises leading up to these upcoming Fashion Weeks. There have been some unexpected houses switching from one week to another, some more people started to show during the Couture weeks.  In my opinion, there’s no doubt that we can look forward to some surprises.


Of course, it wouldn’t be very wise to expect that the catwalks will change in every possible way. But in my personal opinion changes that are taking place in terms of schedules that have been the way they were for a good while, might give us an opportunity to expect more changes to follow.

As much as I realise that the way that catwalk shows are  conducted will not be majorly changed in one or two seasons, I think it would be exciting to see some push ( in terms the way they are conducted) as in my opinion other changes within fashion industry give fashion houses permission to be more free with the way they do catwalk shows.

I personally feel that in today’s day and age there are many people showing the clothes we see on the catwalks, in the way they see it. As much the clothes ( in most cases) are masterpieces on their own, I believe that the stories, emotions and all the feeling are being at least slightly watered down through a big number of fashion houses keeping their catwalks at least 80 % the same.

What I personally would love to see the catwalk shows to evolve into perhaps some sort of performance art.


Although there is a space for the catwalk shows to move forward, it definitely will be exciting to see what next 4 weeks will bring.


What do you think?


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