New York wrap up

It definitely has not disappointed when it comes to clothes them selves. Maybe I say that as in past I have been especially inspired by what we could see in New York. Yes, there has been little change in terms of the way catwalk looks. But one thing to keep in mind is that the fashion weeks are events for selling clothes and it might take a while for people to look for some ways to change catwalks.

As much as I think they should start moving forward I think there has been some beautiful stage design. The one that has caught my attention was Coach 1941 show. I personally think the thing they did with the floor was really cool, at least when it comes to the way it looks when we look at the outfits from the front.  Another thing that caught my eye was Co’s collection pictures that I have seen are beyond gorgeous. As much I  think catwalks are (at least for now) a necessity at least in some form. I would mind getting rid of them if it would mean that I would get to be exposed to collection pictures of this quality. Of course these two examples are thin slices of the New York’s fashion week, additionally, in my opinion, it was cool for Oscar De La Renta to implement escalators into their show. Lack of models in Billy Reid collection pictures as well as Osklen separating women’s and men’s collections despite releasing collection pictures this month.

As much as there have been some positive surprises and great fashion, there have been some things that make me slightly confused. To put it simply, there have been some brands which have released ( in my opinion) more looks/outfits than it might have been necessary. The main thing that got me notice that, is the way that we treat our planet. The thing that seems to be stuck in my head is, ‘do we really need collections that are made out of 50, 60, 70 + outfits?’. Yes, I do understand that in some cases brands are showing women’s and men’s clothes in one show. I personally think that showing collections for both genders in one go is super cool. But having (in some cases) 80+ outfits while we ( as human kind) create way more waste than is reasonable, isn’t too smart.


To conclude, as much as there have been some let downs, New York’s fashion week was pretty cool to follow. Especially since there has been some amazing fashion shown. Overall I’m really excited to see where it will go in the future as well as seeing what sort of things will the rest of this month’s fashion weeks bring.


What do you think?


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