Looking to expand

Hey, we hope everyone is feeling great.

So we have some news.

We are looking to expand the number of contributors. We are looking for image makers, filmmakers, writers and all other artists to contribute to Mollitious Journal.

At the moment we are looking for people who would be interested get their original work published here at Mollitious Journal. Basically what we are looking for is some people who are willing to create some original work about absolutely anything they desire. The main two condition would have to be:

  1. It will be at least remotely connected to fashion
  2. It will have to be produced specifically for Mollitious Journal

There are some more outlines in the page ‘Submissions’.

The creative control will remain with the creatives. Unless we will ask you to do something specific.

We will not ask for any copyrights.


If you are interested in getting published at Mollitious Journal or have any questions then don’t hesitate to drop us a message here: mjournalsubmissions@gmail.com




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