Response to the harrasment

As most of us will know by now New York Time has published a new set of allegations regarding the sexual harassment. The post in questions has been published on Saturday 13th of Janurary ( 2018) and it featured testimonies stating Mario Testino and Bruce Weber has sexually harassed multiple people holding different positions for several decades.

As at least some of us know both of the men in question have had a deep relationship with publications such as Vogue ( multiple editions around the world) and GQ.

“In the statement, Anna Wintour, artistic director of Condé Nast and editor of Vogue, and Robert A. Sauerberg Jr., chief executive of Condé Nast, said: “We are deeply disturbed by these accusations and take this very seriously. In light of these allegations, we will not be commissioning any new work with Bruce Weber and Mario Testino for the foreseeable future.”” ((Friedman, 2018))


As much as any sort of action leading to the allegations should have NOT taken place it is good to see some significant figures within the publishing giant have taken some serious actions. Of course, it’s not the first time when super known photographers have been accused of similar actions. But I do not recall anyone taking such a swift actions then.

Both Mr. Testino and Mr.Weber have released statements since the allegations have been made public. Both men have dismissed the allegations as not true.

Additionally ‘Condé Nast said it began working in late October on a code of conduct that will go into effect this month.’ (Friedman, 2018)Condé Nast said they have been work has been trigger with the general outcry regarding the sexual harassment in the wider media industry.


Personally, I think it’s good that something is being done about it. And coming from a giant like Condé Nast, maybe it will show people that such behavior is absolutely disgusting and unacceptable.


But on other hands, I feel that people like Condé Nast should have something like that running for at least few years.


Well, since we can’t change the past, then at least for know this might be better than standing still. But I think everyone should stay up to date with how these new cases of sexual harassment allegations cases will evolve and as a community, we should make sure that fashion industry will take appropriate steps.



What are your opinions?


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