Going forward

As the weekend has concluded and the newest allegations about sexual harassment are still fresh on most of our minds, at least to me it might be a good idea to start thinking how it might be possible to decrease the chance of such things going forward.


Something that has emerged after the mentioned allegations we have learned that Conde Nast has been working on code that will provide more protection to models. In a relevant piece by New York Times we can read:: ” Under its new guidelines, the company will no longer work with models who are younger than 18. There will be no alcohol on photo sets. Photographers will not be allowed to use the set for personal work after a commissioned shoot is completed, and it is recommended that models not be left alone with photographers, makeup artists or other contributors. Any nudity or “sexually suggestive poses” in the shoot will be detailed beforehand and agreed to in advance by the subject. There will be an anonymous reporting line for any violations.” (Friedman, 2018) 

It is said that these new rules have been worked since shortly after an allegation of Harvey Winestein’s sexual harassment has been made public.

One more thing that has been triggered by the Weinstein scandal was an updated agreement that Hearst magazines put in place. “After the Weinstein allegations, Hearst Magazines, which owns Harper’s Bazaar, Elle, Esquire, Cosmopolitan, and others, added a clause to its contributor agreements requiring independent contractors to reveal any harassment claims, informal or formal, pending against them. They must also notify Hearst if they become aware of any such claims while working for the company.” (Friedman, 2018)

In my personal opinion, it is good to hear that these giant companies are not turning away from this problem like they have done in some other cases. But something that makes it even scarier to me is that alleged harassment by people like MR. Testino and MR.Weber has been going on for years. That’s why in my personal opinion there have to be put more things like Conde Nast response put in place. By that I mean the rest of fashion needs to make fewer possibilities for the sex predators to find loopholes and opportunities to commit their sick action, through making some rules regarding this topic that will be followed by most if not all people involved in fashion.


I think things like ‘  model charter ‘ should be expanded on, and made into law.


Of course just because companies affiliated with MR.Testino and Mr.Weber have said they will stop working with them for foreseeable future, we shouldn’t just say ‘Case closed’.  It is my strong belief that proper investigations need to take place that will explain what/how/when things have occurred and all/any guilty parties should be punished as severely as it is legally possible to decrease chances of such things happening again.


What are your opinions?





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