Longing ( part 2)

  Shot and styled by @maverick_image   Model, hair and makeup  : Greace Riley Advertisements

Smuged shadows

  Shot and styled by @maverick_image Model, hair and make-up : Tabby Duenger

Untitled 3

  Shot by @maverick_image Model: @hotdog_millionare


Shot by @maverick_image Model: @hotdog_millionare


  Shot and styled by @maverick_image Model: @ruxandraporojnicu

Softly waiting

  Shot and styled by @maverick_image Model, hair, and make-up : @_elsssarasini

Untitled 2

  Shot by @maverick_image Model @ruxandraporojnicu

Day 1

It definitely has been the cool start of the London fashion week, yesterday. Maybe it’s due to some changes in me, but I can’t remember when I was so excited to see the rest of London fashion week. The main collection that got me so excited was Jenny Packham’s collection. It’s my favorite that has been shown…

New York wrap up

It definitely has not disappointed when it comes to clothes them selves. Maybe I say that as in past I have been especially inspired by what we could see in New York. Yes, there has been little change in terms of the way catwalk looks. But one thing to keep in mind is that the fashion…